The Irresistible Force a.k.a. Mixmaster MorrisとYOGURT & KOYAS, Tetsu(Blasthead)の日英コラボレーション音源が12インチで登場!

Label: psymatics
Format: 12inch Vinyl (with download code) , Digital (BandCamp Exclusive)
CAT: psym-004

Track List
A1 Higher State of Mind
Original Mix by The Irresistible Force
A2 Higher State of Mind (Tetsu Remix)
Remixed & Additional Production By Tetsu (Blast Head)

B1 Higher State of Mind (YOGURT & KOYAS Feat.Eiji’s Bass Remix)
Remixed by YOGURT & KOYAS
Bass by Eiji from Dachambo
B2 Chiba1 (ARATA, Eiji , YOGURT & KOYAS Rework)


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