僕がオーガナイズしているAbleton Meetup Tokyoが、12/1-3にかけて渋谷で行われるTokyo Dance Music Eventに参加し、Red Bull Studios Tokyoにてスペシャルなプログラムを開催します。出演(というのかな…)は12/1です。

AMTは、Ableton Liveの勉強会でも無く、ワークショップでも無く、ただ音楽を作る人達が集まって交流できる場所を作るために始めました。Ableton Liveユーザーという共通項はありますが、正直言うと別の何かでも良いのです。今のところその代わりはなさそうですが…。



そしてAbleton Meetup Tokyoってどんな感じなの?と興味を持った方は、是非とも10/22のアニバーサリーパーティー@Space Orbitにもお越し下さい!



Ableton Meetup Tokyo proudly announce we have a special program at Tokyo Dance Music Event which holds on from 1st to 3rd Dec at Shibuya. Our program is Dec 1st at Red Bull Studios Tokyo.

AMT is not a kind of Ableton Live seminar or workshop but just a community event for music makers. To be honestly, Ableton Live is not must thing if there exists alternatives… but this seems to be nothing at this time.

Although AMT has started just a year ago, we are happy to join such a huge event. We want to say thanks loudly for those who visit, participate, support and join our meet-up.

This program will be special one. More information will be coming..!

And if you have interest about AMT, please come our 1st Anniversary meet-up&party on Oct 22nd at Space Orbit, Sangenchyaya.


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